TikTok Talent – how Coronavirus has inspired Joe Rose to rewrite classic song lyrics

Rising star Joe Rose has taken to TikTok to rewrite the lyrics of top hits in a bid to spread some positivity during the coronavirus. 

“I’m amazed – it’s just me, sing out of tune, on a piano.”

The 16 year old from Lewes, East Sussex said: “As cheesy as it sounds, I’m a sucker for positivity. 

“I posted this song and then it got some recognition so I thought I need to do this. It took off all from there, I was 100% surprised by the reaction.”

With over 55,000 followers on the video-sharing social networking app, Joe said he has always loved showmanship.

Joe started with rewriting Don’t Stop Believing by Journey, he added: “A few hours came later and it got some actual recognition which is very surprising.”

Using a lightbox in the background to mark the days, Joe hadn’t originally planned to do many videos and was amazed by the reaction. 

“I constantly am trying to think of ways to spread positivity. At the moment there is so much on the news which is so serious I thought, why don’t I try and spread a bit of positivity and keep some people’s spirits up, even if it just reaches a few people.”

Joe has re-written songs by Ed Sheeran, Cee Lo Green, Elton John, Bonnie Tyler, John Denver, The Killers, and the Electric Light Orchestra to name a few. 

“I spend quite a long time scrolling through albums and finding the most popular songs in the charts. 

“I used to think, Corona – what comes to mind? About staying at home, what stuff do you not have, what things do you miss, feelings and thought. I would write these ideas down. I then started to theme songs so, some songs are all about Zoom, some are about cheese, I spent ages on ‘rhyme zone’.

“Every now and again in the lyrics, I’ll have some funny jokes and sometimes a bit of seriousness, just to keep it current and keep it fresh. It’s genuinely just to put a smile on at least one person’s face.

“So many people in the comments are saying how this is keeping them going and keeping them entertained which I’m amazed at – it’s just me, sing out of tune, on a piano.”

Joe is an actor and magician and is currently a performing arts student at East Sussex College. He has decided to conclude this series and thought there’s only so many times you can say there are no eggs in the supermarkets.

He added: “I’m going to keep doing TikTok but now I want to do something different, I want to perform and have fun but find a new angle to keep followers entertained – I’ve thought about doing funny sketches and magic.”

“I definitely want to find something to do that isn’t on TikTok already and go in a different direction.” 

Check out Joe’s videos on the app @joeprose

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