Coronavirus and sport: UK Athletics extends suspension

  • Sports continue to be cancelled or postponed due to coronavirus 
  • UKA extends suspension until 31 May  
  • Everyone has a responsibility through this difficult time
  • Athletes trying to continue training at home

“We must now do all we can do.”

As the coronavirus continues to spread, sporting bodies are being forced to cancel or postpone events due to coronavirus. 

UK Athletics (UKA) has announced that all activities, will be suspended until 31 May. 

In a statement, the UKA said that: “We are advising that clubs and groups should not be undertaking training, competitive or other related activities during this period, and it is already apparent that parts of the sport are already showing their own leadership and are acting in this respect.”

England Athletics said: “These decisions have not been taken lightly and have been made in light of the continuing and real risk to life and to the NHS posed by the spread of the COVID-19 virus in England. 

“We must now do all we can do. We would ask that the athletics community in England continues to help one another by staying connected and supportive of each other whilst at home in these unprecedented times.”

England Athletics CEO Chris Jones comments: “We all have a responsibility to play our part in mitigating risk and in reducing the spread of this virus. It will be deflating to many but if we do pull together and adhere to the guidance issued then we will come through this period.”

Speaking to Athletics Weekly, Jazmin Sawyers, said: “Everyone is having to adapt.”

The European long jump medallist said she has been trying her best to train at home: 

“I don’t want to get totally out of shape because there is still going to be an Olympics next year for me to be training for.

“I like to have my structure so I feel like I’ve got something to do every day.”

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