Things to do in self-isolation from Coronavirus

As toilet roll continues to fly off supermarket shelves and fear-mongering tactics infect the internet, COVID-19 continues to put global leaders under pressure to control the pandemic.

Here is a list of the top 10 best things to do in self-isolation:

1. Play!

Adulting sucks. Release your inner child again and have an old-school fun family games night! My personal favourites include: Connect 4, Monopoly, Guess Who?, Scrabble, Uno, and Articulate.

2. Make a TikTok 

My first TikTok video took FAR TOO long to make that I care to admit but with over 1000 views, I was immediately hooked. Challenges, dance routines and filming daily life, the app is not just for the cool kids so give it a go and you could be an overnight sensation. (Follow me @gemma__96xx) 

3. Binge-watch in a fort

Netflix and chill might be your go to but have you ever binged watched in a fort? Turn your lounge in a castle of blankets and bed sheets, grab your favourite snack and get cosy. 

4. Read

Is there a book you’ve been longing to read but never quite found the time? Now is your chance! Turn your phone off, find a comfy spot and open the first page. Where will the adventure take you? 

5. Get organised

For the Marie Kondo fans amongst us, this one might sound easy. Declutter your clothes, organise your kitchen cupboards or tackle that massive pile of paperwork you’ve been avoiding. Your future self will thank you for it!

6. Dance!

Swap your usual Saturday night stilettoes for slippers and have a dance party!  Spin your favourite vinyl or plug in the boombox, who knew your kitchen made the perfect dancefloor?!

7. Revise 

Whilst Pink Floyd might sing ‘We don’t need no education’ and the idea of your school being closed sounding like a dream, it is easy to forget that education is a privilege. Make revision fun by creating colourful notes or video call friends and revise together.

8. Get crafty

Bake, glue, colour and stick, have a crafty afternoon and see what creative things you can make. 

9. Pick up the phone

Having family and friends that you don’t see very often can be tricky, pick up the phone and have good ol’ natter. 

10.  Breathe

Anxieties can be heightened in troubling times, so sit down and take some time to breathe. The 7-11 trick is amazing! Inhale for 7 counts, exhale for 11 counts, say out loud “I am balanced”, do this three times in sets of three. 

There you have it. If you unfortunately find yourself in self-isolation – you won’t get bored!

Disclaimer: I think the pandemic is horrendous and its effects are going to be life-changing for global society. However, I thought amongst the turmoil and heartbreak the virus is causing, this blog post might be fun. As always, please follow government rules and guidelines about self-isolation and COVID-19. 

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